Erasmus+ internship in Interationaler Bund in Germany with free accommodation & commuting costs allowance


Are you interested in Erasmus+ internship in Germany?

WorkSpace Europe has been cooperating with Internationaler Bund (IB) since 2013. Yearly we send number of graduates mainly of Economics fields to IB for Erasmus internships with high rate of satisfacton after their completion. One of the main benefits is that interns in IB do not pay for the accommodation, IB also supports you with your commuting costs. Many of the interns even get the full time job once their intership is over.

So if you speak German, internship in IB might be a good choise and valuable experience for your further career.

"The IB-Group is an independent non-governmental organization in the fields of youth and social work, education and labour market services. Our objectives are to help people to develop in freedom, to shape their own lives, to integrate into society, to assume personal responsibilities, to actively help shaping the development of society, to encourage the willingness to render social support to the individual and the society, and to promote international understanding and cooperation."

Let's have a look at what our former interns in IB said:

"I rate support from IB very positively. They provided me with accommodation and also reimbursed my travel expenses. Colleagues and superiors were very friendly and helpful."

"The most positive thing about the internship in IB I consider the improvement of language skills and the acquisition of new experiences and knowledge."

"I like internship in IB because of the good atmosphere, regarding colleagues and the fact that I am forced to communicate in German, which helps a lot to improve my German and the location of the accomodation to the work place"

"All the colleagues I came into contact with in the receiving organization were kind and accommodating to me, and I could turn to them with any question. If there was a problem with the language, they were always patient and everything was explained to me."

"Accommodation was provided by the host organization and I am very satisfied with it, we even have excellent food (breakfast and dinner)."


Those who are interested simply apply to the positon, that Internationaler Bund offers. IB has been our longterm valuable partner and we certainly recommend this organisation for hosting Erasmus trainees, as well as Katarína, the IB intern from 2019.